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About Bannad Studios
We believe in customer satisfaction and strive to make each of our clients feel as important as we know they are! One on one meetings, listening to what the customer wants and honestly advising clients about what works with thier expectations provides clear expectations and results that everyone is happy with. 
Bannad Studios is a Missouri owned and operated small business whose services come with a personal touch. We make it possible for everyone from individuals to designers and design stores to achieve quality constructed decor.
About the Owner
D'Anna Balliett is owner and head designer of this one of a kind custom decor workroom located in NWMO that offers both stock product and custom services. She officially launched the studio as a full time business in April of 2011.  In what she calls an amazing and blessed journey of growth, Bannad Studios has grown from a small, hometown hobby-turned-business into a family business regularly serving customers across the 50 states with international customers from Canada, Greece, Italy, Denmark, Ireland and the UK.  D'Anna continues to put her hands in every aspect of Bannad Studios, from sales, production, design, advertising, shipping, customer service and anything else that comes along, because it is not only her baby, but her passion to give customers the very best product and customer service experience.

"My customers are very important to both myself and Bannad Studios. Without them, we would not be as successful as we are. Customer service comes first. Actually, it runs neck and neck with quality product. I'm grateful that I've been allowed to make my talents into a career and I'm appreciative of the clients that trust us enough to bring me their business. They choose us the first time because they've guessed or been told we are the best at what we do. They come back because they know it."

With a very busy workroom on sight, D'Anna utilizes her own talents and knowledge of construction, design and network of various talented contractors to specifically target a client's needs. From Designers, Seamstresses, Upholsterers, Painters and Contractors, Bannad Studios can bring a customer what they can't find on a shelf.

"I love working with my designers and private clients to make their dreams come true. We spend way too much time in our home and office area for those places to not be an inviting celebration of who we are as individuals, from the most mild to the most wild. And that is just something one cannot find in a store or on a shelf somewhere. That is custom."